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What is Education for Employment at Ak; Tenamit?

Since 1992, Ak’Tenamit’s vocational boarding school, The Fr. Tom Moran Vocational
Secondary School, has trained rural indigenous students in Sustainable Tourism and Community
Development. Comprising of both a middle school and a high school it is nationally and
internationally recognized for its innovative program. Our curriculum is adapted to the needs,
interests, and culture of students learning in a rural context, and we complement classroom
learning with practical work experience. Graduates represent a new generation of indigenous
youth who think critically, are computer literate, bilingual, trained in practical skills and
committed to preserving their environment and their culture.

Ak’Tenamit has developed its own curriculum based on the needs of the students and on the job market available to them. In addition to meeting the Ministry of Educations’ academic requirements, our students graduate with 3,000 hours of on-the-job training, preparing them to enter a competitive job market. Soft skills like communication, problem-solving, punctuality and flexibility are also incorporated into their learning experience. Our intensive work study program places our senior students as interns at full-time positions for the last 3 months of high school.  Many of these turn into well paying jobs when they graduate.

Its innovative program has received national and international recognition. Ak’Tenamit was
chosen as a global finalist for the World Innovation in Education (WISE) prize and Steve
Dudenhoefer, founder, has been invited back several times to participate in education workshops
with leaders from all over the world.

65% of our 2015 graduating class was employed 6 months after graduation at businesses like:

  • Le Cafe
  • Tre-Fratelli
  • Panaderia San Martin
  • Hotel Backpackers
  • Hotel Peten Esplendido
  • Guatemalan Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • Fundacion Contra el Hambre (Foundation Against Hunger)