Member Organizations

United Nations Framework on Climate Change, Permanent Observer Status
* Ak’ Tenamit is the only civil society organization in Guatemala given this status *

Member of the following organizations, councils, or alliances:

GROOTS International

Central American Indigenous Council – CICA
Mesoamerican Ecotourism Alliance- AME
Indigenous Women’s Network for Biodiversity – RMIB
Tri-national Alliance for the Gulf of Honduras – TRIGOH

National (Guatemala)
Alternative Network for Solidarity Exchange – RAIS
Council of Organizations for the Observation and Verification of the Rights of Indigenous Communities in Guatemala
Environmental Coalition
Environment and Water Sector Panel
Indigenous Center for Research, Public Policy, and Proactive Action – CIIIAP
Indigenous Communities Advisory Council- CONAP CAPI-SECONAP
Indigenous Council on Climate Change in Guatemala – MICCG
Indigenous Women and Biodiversity Council in Guatemala
National Community Tourism Federation – FENATUCGUA
National Maya Education Council, Ajpop Mayab’ Tijonik – CNEM
National Maya Waqib’ Kej Convergence
Research Panel on International Instruments
Young Indigenous Space for Coordination

Permanent participation in assemblies, meetings, and group work:
Convention on Biological Diversity (with emphasis on articles 8j and 10c)
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Communities – UICN (with emphasis on indigenous communities and protected areas)
International Labor Organization Convention No. 169
United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Matters
United Nations Framework on Climate Change