The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund, Inc.

The Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund, Inc. (GTF) is a non-profit, non-denominational organization located in the United States that raises funds and provides logistical support for Ak’ Tenamit and only Ak’ Tenamit. All designated donations made to GTF are directly distributed to Ak’ Tenamit and are tax-deductible. Unlike Ak’ Tenamit, GTF does not coordinate development initiatives but rather ensures that Ak’ Tenamit has the funds to carry out these initiatives.

Ak’ Tenamit

Ak’ Tenamit (AAT) is non-profit association registered and located in Guatemala as “Asociación Ak’ Tenamit.” Its primary site is located in eastern Guatemala, in the heart of the communities it serves and also has a second administrative office in Guatemala City. AAT receives funding and logistical help from the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund, a non-profit based the United States.

AAT works closely with Guatemala’s Q’eqchi Maya villages as they work to develop their communities by providing access to education and healthcare and supporting micro-enterprise efforts. As required by the AAT statutes, each member of the Board of Directors is Q’eqchi Maya and is elected by the communities we serve. The Board, which is 50% male and 50% female, is guided by a five-year strategic plan that was drafted and, is modified annually, by a 26-member strategic planning committee composed of Board members, staff, and students.

Board of Directors

Above: Board of Directors (R to L), President – Gracila Amanda Coy, Vice President–Ramon Mucu Xol, Secretary–Juan Carlos Coc Xi, Treasurer –Lucas Che Ica, Vocal I–Lilian Filomena Xol Coc, Vocal II–Anai Roxana Sacul Pop, Vocal III–German Geovanni Cac Cal, Vocal IV Leonel Caal Tiul, V–Marleny Rax Chub.

Even after 25 years, Ak’ Tenamit is still experiencing “firsts”. The new Board of Directors elected in June marked the first time a member of the Garifuna community was elected to serve on the Board. The Garifuna are an Afro-Caribbean group who live along Central America’s Caribbean coast. There is a large Garifuna community in Livingston where Ak’ Tenamit’s practical classrooms are located, and we are proud that Sasha Romero will now give this group a voice on the Board. The new Board is a mix of experienced professionals and young leaders who will oversee Ak’ Tenamit’s operations and budget until 2014. Its members were elected by the General Assembly – 40 representatives from the 30 villages Ak’ Tenamit serves – and includes Ak’ Tenamit students and graduates. This process ensures regular, local participation in our decision making and also that the voting Assembly is familiar with Ak’ Tenamit’s operations and can make informed decisions about candidates’ qualifications to serve.

The new Board of Directors is:

  • 100% indigenous
  • 50% women / 50% men
  • 100% representative of the villages Ak’ Tenamit serves
  • an average age of 23